Design fiction film-making: A pipeline for communicating experiences

M Gilardi, P Holroyd, C Brownbridge, PL Watten, Marianna Obrist
in CHI'16: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text)


© 2016 Authors. The use of films in early stages of the design of technology is a practice that is becoming increasingly common. However, the focus of these films is usually centred on exploring the technology and its specifications rather than on the experiences that the technology can potentially create for its user. Previous research emphasises the relevance of experiences created by the technology in the users arguing that the emotions should be taken into account during early design stages and made part of the design itself. In this paper we provide a step-by-step production pipeline on how to make your own design fiction film, and how you can get the experiences across. For this purpose we focus on the experiences and emotions that a specific interaction medium elicits. We gained inspiration from the increased exploration of olfactory experiences in HCI. We used a classification of smell experiences as a starting point to produce a design fiction film for the automotive context, not limited by technology but inspired by experiences.