Out of the box selection and application of UX evaluation methods and practical cases

Marianna Obrist, H Knoche, S Basapur
in Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Interactive TV and Video, EuroITV 2013, Conference paper (text)


The scope of user experience supersedes the concept of usability and other performance oriented measures by including for example users' emotions, motivations and a strong focus on the context of use. The purpose of this tutorial is to motivate researchers and practitioners to think about the challenging questions around how to select and apply UX evaluation methods for different usage contexts, in particular for the 'home' and 'mobile' context, relevant for TV-based services. Next to a general understanding of UX evaluation and available methods, we will provide concrete UX evaluation case examples and hands-on exercises. Participants will be engaged in a reflection on the practical use of methods, connected problems and challenges.