The message in the bottle: Best practices for transferring the knowledge from qualitative user studies

Marianna Obrist, D Wurhofer, P Sundström, E Beck, E Buie, J Hoonhout
in Proceedings of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference, DIS '12, Conference paper (text)


This workshop aims to identify and improve current strategies and practices for transferring knowledge from qualitative user studies to become inspiration for an experience-centered design process. The message (e.g., qualitative user study results) can be skewed when passed on from one phase to another in the design and development process. Moreover, the way insights are communicated is often not inspiring enough. We intend to get practitioners and academics engaged in a discussion about how to best transfer research findings of especially qualitative user studies and prevent loss of valuable information. Best practices, failure and success stories are especially welcomed as contributions. At the end of this workshop we will have identified strengths of a few methods, tools, and techniques selected from examples of best practices. Also, we will have summarized limitations and challenges of knowledge transfer and communication practices within experience-centered design. © 2012 Authors.