Methods for user studies of interactive (TV) technologies

P Marrow, L Meesters, Marianna Obrist
in EuroITV'10 - Proceedings of the 8th International Interactive TV and Video Conference, Conference paper (text)


The purpose of this workshop is to share experience on how to prepare user studies around interactive TV technologies, including newly emerging services on mobile devices, in different contexts and for diverse target users. Finding and applying the right method for capturing users' experiences is challenging. We are all familiar with qualitative and quantitative methods, going out into the field and performing user studies in a laboratory setting. But how can we identify which method is the most appropriate one, and which should be combined to get the user feedback? These and other questions will be discussed within this workshop based on the organizers' expertise and the participants' own experience. Contributions from the audience will be combined with very interactive discussions based on practical examples, namely selected scenarios for user studies.