Perceived 3DTV viewing in the public: Insights from a three-day field evaluation study

Marianna Obrist, D Wurhofer, F Förster, T Meneweger, T Grill, D Wilfinger, M Tscheligi
in EuroITV'11 - Proceedings of the 9th European Interactive TV Conference, Conference paper (text)


The adoption and deployment of 3DTV can be seen as a major step in the television history, similar to transitions from black and white to color, analogue to digital and standard to high definition TV. Although 3D is expected to emerge from the cinema to peoples' home, there is still a lack of knowledge on how people (future end users) perceive 3DTV and how this influences their viewing experience as well as their acceptance of 3DTV. Within this paper, findings from a three-day field evaluation study on peoples' 3DTV experiences, focusing on the feeling of sickness and presence, are presented. The study was conducted in a public setting of a shopping center, involving 700 participants. The study revealed insights on users' feeling of presence and sickness when watching 3D. Results show that most of the participants reported sickness symptoms after watching 3DTV with an effect of gender and age on the reported feeling of sickness. Our results further suggest that the users' previous experience with 3D has an influence on how realistic people rate the viewing experience and how involved they feel. © 2011 ACM.