MobiMundi: Exploring the impact of user-generated mobile content - The participatory panopticon

MAM Kramer, E Reponen, Marianna Obrist
in MobileHCI 2008 - Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, Conference paper (text)


The MobiMundi Workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and developers from different backgrounds to gather together to explore and discuss the impact of existing and emerging mobile information and communications technologies and services on society. The theme for this workshop will examine the real and potential impacts of user-generated mobile content on individuals and society as a whole. The individual and societal impacts discussed will primarily focus on user centered and social perspectives, but will also explore how user behavior is changing and which problems are emerging, bearing in mind that individual actions are creating privacy and security issues which could lead towards a new quality of a hyper-surveillance society by providing the framework for the participatory panopticon. Moreover, mobile human-computer interaction and design related issues will be explored and considered in order to support users requirement to share and co-create mobile user-generated audiovisual content. © 2008 ACM.