Communicating cosmology with multisensory metaphorical experiences

R Trotta, D Hajas, JE Camargo-Molina, R Cobden, Emanuela Maggioni, Marianna Obrist
in Journal of Science Communication, Journal article


© The Author(s). We present a novel approach to communicating abstract concepts in cosmology and astrophysics in a more accessible and inclusive manner. We describe an exhibit aiming at creating an immersive, multisensory metaphorical experience of an otherwise imperceptible physical phenomenon-dark matter. Human-Computer Interaction experts and physicists co-created a multisensory journey through dark matter by exploiting the latest advances in haptic and olfactory technology. We present the concept design of a pilot and a second, improved event, both held at the London Science Museum, including the practical setup of the multisensory dark matter experience, the delivery of sensory stimulation and preliminary insights from users' feedback.