VROOM: Virtual robot overlay for online meetings

B Jones, Y Zhang, Priscilla Wong, S Rintel
in Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings, Conference paper (text)


© 2020 Owner/Author. Telepresence robots allow users to freely explore a remote space and provide a physical embodiment in that space. However, they lack a compelling representation of the remote user in the local space. We present VROOM (Virtual Robot Overlay for Online Meetings), a two-way system for exploring how to improve the social experience of robotic telepresence. For the local user, an augmented-reality (AR) interface shows a life-size avatar of the remote user overlaid on a telepresence robot. For the remote user, a head-mounted virtual-reality (VR) interface presents an immersive 360° view of the local space with mobile autonomy. The VR system tracks the remote user's head pose and hand movements, which are applied to an avatar. This provides the remote user with an identifiable self-embodiment and allows the local user to see the remote user's head direction and arm gestures.