Improving immersive experiences for visitors with sensory impairments to the aquarium of the pacific

B O'Conaill, J Provan, J Schubel, D Hajas, Marianna Obrist, L Corenthy
in CHI 2020, Conference paper (text)


© 2020 Owner/Author. This case study describes the development of a mid-air haptic solution to enhance the immersive experience of visitors who are deaf, blind or wheelchair users to the Aquarium of the Pacific's movie theatre. During the project we found that adding a sense of touch, using an innovative ultrasound technology, to an immersive experience can improve the sense of engagement users have with the content, and can help to improve agreement with the topics presented. We present guidelines on the design of haptic sensations. By describing how this project took place within the tight timelines of a commercial deployment, we hope to encourage more organisations to do similar work.