Multisensory Approaches to Human-Food Interaction

C Velasco, A Nijholt, C Spence, T Narumi, K Motoki, G Huisman, Marianna Obrist
in ICMI '20: 2020 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, Conference paper (text)


© 2020 ACM. Here, we present the outcome of the 4th workshop on Multisensory Approaches to Human-Food Interaction (MHFI), developed in collaboration with ICMI 2020 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Capitalizing on the increasing interest on multisensory aspects of human-food interaction and the unique contribution that our community offers, we developed a space to discuss ideas ranging from mechanisms of multisensory food perception, through multisensory technologies, to new applications of systems in the context of MHFI. All in all, the workshop involved 11 contributions, which will hopefully further help shape the basis of a field of inquiry that grows as we see progress in our understanding of the senses and the development of new technologies in the context of food.