Workshop: The Future of Emotion in Human-Computer Interaction

in CHI2022, Conference abstract/presentation slides


Many threads of HCI research are concerned with emotion, conceptualizing and addressing it in different ways with different
motivations and goals. For some, emotion is a core component of user experience to be designed for. For others, emotions
are something for technologies to detect, visualize, adapt to or track. Still other researchers focus on the technology-mediated
communication of emotion, the design of clinical interventions for emotional wellbeing, or the use of technologies for emotion
regulation. This workshop will bring together researchers across these traditions to map the changing relationship between
technology and emotion. Our overarching questions are: How might we conceptualize the relationship between digital
technology and human emotion? Can emotions be designed for, and where is this knowledge likely to be applied? What are
the implications of emotion for HCI, the technology industry, and human wellbeing?