The Future of Emotion in Human-Computer Interaction

G Wadley, V Kostakos, P Koval, W Smith, S Webber, Anna Cox, JJ Gross, K Höök, R Mandryk, Petr Slovak
in CHI EA '22: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text)


Emotion has been studied in HCI for two decades, with specific traditions interested in sensing, expressing, transmitting, modelling, experiencing, visualizing, understanding, constructing, regulating, manipulating or adapting to emotion in human-human and human-computer interactions. This CHI 2022 workshop on the Future of Emotion in Human-Computer Interaction brings together interested researchers to take stock of research on emotion in HCI to-date and to explore possible futures. Through group discussion and collaborative speculation we will address questions such as: What are the relationships between digital technology and human emotion? What roles does emotion play in HCI research? How should HCI researchers conceptualize emotion? When should HCI researchers use interdisciplinary theories of emotion or create new theory? Can specific emotions be designed for, and where is this knowledge likely to be applied? What are the implications of emotion research for design, ethics and wellbeing? What is the future of emotion in human-computer interaction?