Efficacy of distributed pair programming

Maryam Bandukda, Z Nasir
in 2010 International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies, ICIET 2010, Conference paper (text)


In the last decade, there has been a vast growth in global software development. It has lead to opportunities around the world for people to collaborate and communicate timelessly. Consequently, people are working in the same team while being geographically dispersed around the globe. Working in software development practices like pair programming while being placed at different locations has lead to many questions being raised regarding the success and efficacy of the methodology in comparison to co-located pair programming. During the course of this research, the author performed a survey of research studies and experiments conducted to analyze the effects of behavioral factors (e.g. pair satisfaction, pair enjoyment, and pair confidence) of programmers on the overall productivity of the pair and quality of the product. The data collected from the studies is further analyzed to study the correlation between pair behavioral factors and the productivity of the pair and quality of work performed. ©2010 IEEE.