Exploring resilience strategies in anaesthetists’ work: A case study using interviews and the Resilience Markers Framework (RMF)

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This chapter examines the potential for the Resilience Markers Framework (RMF) to provide guidance for development of an interview script aimed at uncovering resilience strategies used by anaesthetists. Anaesthetists work in a variety of areas of the hospitals which would make observations challenging. The chapter had two main aims: to see if the Resilience Markers Framework can be used to shape interviews to elicit the details of resilience strategies; and to explore resilience strategies in anaesthetists' work. Following data collection the individual resilience strategies were classified in terms of four main themes. These themes represent perceived vulnerabilities and opportunities in anaesthetists' work. Each grouping reflected the activities and goals of the anaesthetists. The groups of resilience strategies were then evaluated in terms of the RMF. The interviews were fairly straightforward to develop using the RMF, which suggests it's a strong framework for this purpose.