The Four Phases of Pervasive Computing: From Vision-Inspired to Societal-Challenged

in IEEE Pervasive Computing, Journal article


This article reflects on the visions and motivations underlying Pervasive Computing and advances made ending with considering future directions for the field. It describes these in terms of four phases: 1) vision-inspired, 2) the design of engaging experiences, 3) innovation-based, and 4) addressing societal challenges. It is proposed that in the future we will need to embrace a paradigm shift that will be far more challenging than previously. While we can continue to harness pervasive computing advances to augment ever more aspects of ourselves and the environment, we will need in the current climate to be more mindful and responsible of our aspirations. This may mean, paradoxically, contemplating how the field scales down its technology innovation in order to scale up its impact. This article sets out how to achieve this.