Tangible Interaction with In-Car Smart Intelligence

El Ghani M Abd, Nadia Berthouze, Nicolai Marquardt, R Jani, D Hargreaves, SJ Wright, HHS Smith
in AutomotiveUI '22: 14th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, Conference paper (text), Seoul, Republic of Korea


Interacting with a car was once a tactile experience, which is on the decline with the rise of car assistants, where the dominant form of interaction is through screen displays and voice recognition. These interaction modalities within a car are not the only options available. In this paper, we discuss reintroducing tactility into the automotive experience. This work presents a tactile embodiment of an intelligent car system, different from previous studies, to improve engagement and emotional connection between users and future intelligent cars. A prototype tool was designed to embody an intelligent car system. It was used to investigate how to interact with and control a smart-comfort system to improve user comfort. The tool invited users to interact through touch. Users could use their hands to physically agree or disagree with changes made by the system with the system moving in response, creating a bi-directional interaction symbiosis that re-prioritises tactility.