A Workshop on Disability Inclusive Remote Co-Design

Maryam Bandukda, Giulia Barbareschi, Aneesha Singh, D Jain, M Das, T Motahar, J Wiese, L Cockburn, A Prakash, D Frohlich
in ASSETS '22, Conference paper (text), Athens, Greece


The COVID-19 pandemic forced researchers to find new ways to continue research, as universities and laboratories experienced closure due to nationwide lockdowns in many countries worldwide, including conducting experiments, workshops, and ethnographic work online. While this had a significant impact on the majority of research work across SIGCHI, research relating to disability and ageing was most impacted due to the additional challenges of recruiting participants, finding accessible online platforms, and ensuring seamless participation while juggling platform accessibility issues, facilitation, and supporting participants' needs. These challenges were more extreme for disabled researchers. In this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers, designers, and practitioners to explore effective strategies and brainstorm actionable guidelines for supporting disability inclusive online research methods and platforms.