User and Service Interaction Dynamics

ALM Ching, L Sacks, Venus Shum
in International Conference on Complex Systems, Conference proceeding, Nashua, NH


Active networks enable a faster deployment of services in a telecommunications network. To develop autonomous management systems for such a network requires understanding the emergent behaviour arising from the interactions between the underlying users and the network services. In this paper we use complex systems modelling to perform service engineering analysis on a generalised telecommunications service network abstracted from an ANDROID network. This work aims to develop ideas and issues regarding service engineering for future networks. In particular, we analyse the interactions between users and the network and study the affects of load balancing on the service platform. As a result we see a self-limiting characteristic that prevents the load on the communications network increasing beyond its capacity. However, the resulting effects on the users are an increase in the volatility of the response time for each service request, which is highly undesirable. We find that load balancing has significant improvements on resource utilisation and load management.