Does Movement Recognition Precision affect the Player Experience in Exertion Games?

J Nijhar, N Bianchi-Berthouze, G Boguslawski
in International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for interactive entertainment (INTETAIN), Conference paper (text), Genoa


A new generation of exertion game controllers are emerging with a
high level of movement recognition precision which can be described as the
ability to accurately discriminate between complex movements with regards to
gesture recognition and in turn provide better on-screen feedback. These
controllers offer the possibility to create a more realistic set of controls but they
may require more complex coordination skills. This study examines the effect
of increased movement recognition precision on the exertion gaming
experience. The results showed that increasing the level of movement
recognition precision lead to higher levels of immersion. We argue that the
reasons why players are more immersed vary on the basis of their individual
motivations for playing (i.e. to 'relax' or to 'achieve').