Computational interface for web-based access to dynamic contents

S Bhalla, M Hasegawa, E Gutierrez, Nadia Berthouze, T Izumita
in International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering, Conference paper (text)


Most information systems depend on a Database Management System (DBMS) to organise information. Access to such an information system is based on use of a database query language on the part of the user. This poses a skill level problem for medical staff at a hospital. As a result medical staff tend to depend on the database specialists, and programmers for access to information. To eliminate the complexities of a query language and to make a ubiquitous access a web-based information access system has been proposed for the end users. The test prototype is based on the notion of query-by-object. It allows a logical step-wise approach to access information resources. The proposed system allows a midical personnel pose queries at the same level as a trained database query language programmer. Copyright © 2006 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.