Supporting learning within the workplace: Device training in healthcare.

I Iacovides, Anna Cox, Ann Blandford
in Cognitive Ergonomics 2013, Conference paper (text), Toulouse, France


The phrase "lifelong learning" places emphasis on the fact that learning continues beyond the classroom and formal educational environments, though it is often supported by training within the workplace. Continued professional development is all the more important within the context of healthcare, where technology is constantly evolving and errors run the risk of causing serious harm to patients. This paper considers the case of infusion device training within UK hospitals. Interviews were carried out with staff involved in medical device training and management across seven National Health Service trusts. The analysis indicates the range of training provided by different institutions and highlights important issues that influence how users develop their understanding of these devices. Further, the research indicates that while there is an increasing interest in e-learning as a way to overcome some of the tensions trainers face in relation to time and resources, there are also significant concerns which need to be addressed when considering this approach.