Extending a mobile device's interaction space through body-centric interaction

XA Chen, Nicolai Marquardt, A Tang, S Boring, S Greenberg
in MobileHCI'12 - Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, Conference paper (text)


Modern mobile devices rely on the screen as a primary input modality. Yet the small screen real-estate limits interaction possibilities, motivating researchers to explore alternate input techniques. Within this arena, our goal is to develop Body-Centric Interaction with Mobile Devices: a class of input techniques that allow a person to position and orient her mobile device to navigate and manipulate digital content anchored in the space on and around the body. To achieve this goal, we explore such interaction in a bottomup path of prototypes and implementations. From our experiences, as well as by examining related work, we discuss and present three recurring themes that characterize how these interactions can be realized. We illustrate how these themes can inform the design of Body-Centric Interactions by applying them to the design of a novel mobile browser application. Overall, we contribute a class of mobile input techniques where interactions are extended beyond the small screen, and are instead driven by a person's movement of the device on and around the body. Copyright 2012 ACM.