User experience (UX) patterns for audio-visual networked applications: Inspirations for design

Marianna Obrist, D Wurhofer, E Beck, A Karahasanovic, M Tscheligi
in NordiCHI 2010: Extending Boundaries - Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Conference paper (text)


This paper summarizes best practices for improving user experience (UX) of audio-visual networked applications such as YouTube, Flickr, or Facebook. Designing for a good UX is becoming increasingly important within the HCI community. However, there is still a lack of empirically based knowledge on how to design audio-visual networked applications for an optimal UX. Based on studies with more than 8000 users of ten different audio-visual networked applications, we have developed 30 user experience patterns (short UX patterns). Our UX patterns are build on the end users' experiences investigated in lab and field studies in three different European countries. Most other pattern collections are based on the experience of designers or developers. In this paper we will present how we have developed the UX patterns and will describe the major UX problem areas found in detail. Our pattern collection can be useful to the designers of audio-visual networked applications and for the researchers working in the area of UX by providing empirical evidence on identified UX problems and suggestions for solutions referring to one or more of our UX patterns. © 2010 ACM.