Green food technology: Ubicomp opportunities for reducing the environmental impacts of food

AK Clear, E Ganglbauer, R Comber, M Hazas, A Friday, Yvonne Rogers
in UbiComp 2013 Adjunct - Adjunct Publication of the 2013 ACM Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, Journal article


Everyday food and drink consumption makes up a significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions (16% of the total footprint for an average UK person [3]). Digital technology offers much scope for helping to reduce this|promoting reection, increasing transparency of product and supply chain impacts, and so on|but the greatest impacts are predicated on a deep understanding of the configuration of everyday practices. This presents an interesting challenge for Ubicomp, stemming from the deep social and cultural inuences on what people purchase, eat and throw away. This workshop brings together participants from a diverse range of disciplines to develop an understanding of existing food consumption practices, and reect on how this domain can profit from novel Ubicomp technology and interaction designs.