How technology supporting daily habits could help women remember oral contraception

in BCS-HCI 2013 Workshop: Habits in Human-Computer Interaction, Conference paper (text), BCS-HCI 2013 Workshop: Habits in Human-Computer Interaction


Non-adherence to oral contraception regimens can have serious consequences: oral contraception misuse or discontinuation is often caused by forgetfulness, and results in over 1 million unwanted pregnancies in the US each year. Due to its simplicity and habitual nature, taking the Pill can be easily incorporated into a daily routine. However, technology-based interventions aimed at improving adherence only focus on just-in-time reminders and taking the Pill at a specified time; the routine aspect of the task is neglected. We argue that technology that facilitates the creation of sustainable habits and supports women when their routine changes could reduce forgetfulness and would be more effective at reducing non-adherence than existing reminder-based solutions.