Bricolage and consultation: addressing new design challenges when building large-scale installations.

WR Hazlewood, NS Dalton, Paul Marshall, Yvonne Rogers, S Hertrich
in DIS '10 Proceedings of the 8th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, Conference paper (text)


We describe the many challenges faced when designing, implementing and embedding large-scale installations in a physical space, such as a building. A case study is presented of a distributed ambient display system intended to inform, lure and influence people when moving through the building. We outline the wide range of technical, user, aesthetic and practical aspects that need to be addressed; pointing out how many unpredictable problems can surface when going 'big', 'physical' and 'out of the PC', We argue that a different set of 'non-user-centered' processes are required. Furthermore, we propose a new design implementation approach that includes aspects of iterative design, but with the new processes of bricolage and consultation added for progressing the design.