Characterizing HCI Research in China: Streams, Methodologies and Future Directions

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This position paper takes the first step to attempt to present the initial
characterization of HCI research in China. We discuss the current streams and
methodologies of Chinese HCI research based on two well-known HCI theories:
Micro/Marco-HCI and the Three Paradigms of HCI. We evaluate the discussion with
a survey of Chinese publications at CHI 2019, which shows HCI research in China
has less attention to Macro-HCI topics and the third paradigms of HCI
(Phenomenologically situated Interaction). We then propose future HCI research
directions such as paying more attention to Macro-HCI topics and third paradigm
of HCI, combining research methodologies from multiple HCI paradigms, including
emergent users who have less access to technology, and addressing the cultural
dimensions in order to provide better technical solutions and support.