Demo: Make and connect: Enabling people to connect through their things

M Brereton, MZ Chai, A Soro, AH Ambe, D Johnson, P Wyeth, P Roe, Yvonne Rogers
in Conference abstract/presentation slides


© 2017 Association for Computing Machinery. All rights reserved. Staying connected is vital to maintaining good relationships, yet feelings of disconnection or isolation distance, time differences, or simply busy lives. Everyday interactions, family rituals and habits are often lost, in spite of the pervasiveness of smart-phones and personal multi-purpose devices. This project explores novel ways of connecting people over distance through smart objects designed to facilitate routine activities. Our aim is to democratize the design and making of the Internet of Things, by researching and creating easy-to-use kit technologies. This will enable everybody to design and make networks of internet connected things and people to suit their own interest and needs, fostering new kinds of creative thinking, designing and connection. The project aims to connect families through their things to better enable social engagement and connectedness between generations, diaspora and for different cultures.