Design of Interactive Medical Devices: Feedback and Its Improvement

Y Li, P Oladimeji, C Monroy, A Cauchi, Harold Thimbleby, Dominic Furniss, Chris Vincent, Ann Blandford
in ITME 2011 - Proceedings: 2011 IEEE International Symposium on IT in Medicine and Education, Conference paper (text), Piscataway, UC


The design of medical devices directly affects the way healthcare practitioners carry out their daily tasks. Users welcome design that takes into account the clinical environment, in which the device is operated and is compatible with their workflow. However, if the design fails to fit, the likelihood of errors increases, which will put patient safety at risk. In this paper, we report current practice related to UCD (User Centred Design) in the context of medical device, focusing on end user feedback mechanisms deployed in pre-market and post-market phases of the device lifecycle. The results of an interview and workshop study are reported, revealing shortcomings in current feedback channels. In reaction to these shortcomings, we discuss the advantages and feasibility of enabling automatic feedback channel in medical device design, to ensure the quality and the effectiveness of feedback.