Effect of vertical step height on boarding and alighting time of passengers

Catherine Holloway, N Tyler, Roan, D boampong
in Report


A series of experiments to test the boarding and alighting performance of the possible platform-train interfaces (PTI) for the proposed HS2 service was commissioned by CCD ergonomics. They wree conducted using a specially constructed basic mock-up of a PTI installed at the UCL PAMELA facility. This basic mock-up allowed the three test configurations to be tested with a sample of people aged between 18 and 76, carrying specific items of luggage, under three loading conditions: Full Boarding, Full Alighting and Half & Half, where half the participants boarded and half alighted.
A total of 130 experimental runs were conducted in total resulting in 7800 passenger movements. This data set was used to investigate the following factors on the mean boarding or alighting time of a passenger: PTI design, Age and luggage type. The interactions between these factors were also investigated.