Engineering interactive computer systems for medicine and healthcare (EICS4Med) Workshop

Ann Blandford, Pietro G de, L Gallo, A Gimblett, P Oladimeji, Harold Thimbleby
in EICS, Conference paper (text), Pisa


This workshop brings together and develops the community of researchers and practitioners concerned with the design and evaluation of interactive medical devices (infusion pumps, etc) and systems (electronic patient records, etc), to deliver a roadmap for future research in this area. The workshop involves researchers and practitioners designing and evaluating dependable systems in a variety of contexts, and those developing innovative interactive computer systems for healthcare. These pose particular challenges because of the inherent variability --- of patients, system configurations, and so on. Participants will represent a range of perspectives, including safety engineering and innovative design. The focus is: engineering safe and acceptable interactive healthcare systems. The aim is: develop a roadmap for future research on interactive healthcare systems.