Everyday Commuting: Prediction, Actual Experience and Recall of Anger and Frustration in the Car

D Wurhofer, A Krischkowsky, Marianna Obrist, E Karapanos, E Niforatos, M Tscheligi
in Adjunct Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive VehicularApplications, AutomotiveUI 2015, Conference paper (text)


This paper presents insights on driver's User Experience (UX) in terms of systematically investigating predicted experience, actual experience, and recalled experience. By conducting a three-week field study with car commuters in two countries, we studied how frustration and anger differentiate in prediction, actual experience, and recall. Our results show that commuters accurately predict their upcoming anger or frustration in a traffic congestion, however, lower their experienced frustration when being recalled. Moreover, unexpected traffic congestions (in contrast to expected ones) are prone to higher levels of anger. We further found that time of day is related to the prediction of anger, and mood is related to the prediction of frustration. With our study we provide a holistic view on commuters' everyday emotions and experiences - not only when being on the road, but also before and after the trip.