Exploring the Design Space for Body Transformation Wearables to Support Physical Activity through Sensitizing and Bodystorming

A Tajadura-Jiménez, J Ley-Flores, O Valdiviezo-Hernández, Aneesha Singh, M Sánchez-Martin, Duran J Díaz, Segura E Márquez
in MOCO '22: 8th International Conference on Movement and Computing, Conference paper (text)


Negative or disturbed body perceptions are often interwoven with people's physical inactivity. While wearables can support body perception changes (body transformation), the design space of body transformation wearables supporting physical activity remains narrow. To expand this design space, we conducted an embodied co-design workshop with users. Using conceptual and tangible sensitizing tools, we explored/reflected on bodily sensations at three moments of movement execution (before/during/after). Conceptual tools were used to evoke/reflect/capture past lived experiences, while tangible tools were used as ideation probes for sensory bodystorming. Two design concepts emerged, reflecting diverging approaches to body transformation wearables: one focused on reminders and movement correction; the other on sensory augmentation and facilitation. We reflect on how each facilitates useful representations of body sensations during movement, and present methodological recommendations for designing technology for sensory augmentation in this area. Finally, we propose a preliminary prototype based on our design concepts and discuss future steps.