Field evaluation of a cross platform 6 key navigation model and a unified user interface design

Marianna Obrist, C Moser, M Tscheligi, D Alliez
in EuroITV'10 - Proceedings of the 8th International Interactive TV and Video Conference, Conference paper (text)


Within this paper we present the results from a field study conducted to evaluate a cross platform six key navigation model and its unified user interface for an electronic program guide (EPG) application running on the TV, PC, and mobile phone. The application was evaluated on all three devices with four selected families in their real home environment. Thereby, a combination of different qualitative methods, including group discussions, probing packages, and a playful evening event, was specified in the study design. The findings provide insights on users' first impressions and experiences with the novel navigation concept and user interface of the EPG. The main implications revealed from this qualitative field study are summarized inhere and were used for the further development of the applications.