HCI fieldwork in healthcare: creating a graduate guidebook

Dominic Furniss, Aisling Ann O'Kane, R Randell, S Taneva, H Mentis, Ann Blandford
in CHI'13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text)


The Institute of Medicine 2000 report To Err is Human raised concerns about patient safety worldwide: there is increasing pressure for safe, efficient and effective healthcare along with a drive to innovate and improve patient experience. As a consequence, the design and evaluation of medical technology in context is becoming more widespread in HCI and related disciplines. Whilst research results are reported in papers, the details of how to actually perform fieldwork studies in these challenging environments are not. This CHI 2013 workshop will bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and expertise in carrying out healthcare fieldwork in both clinical and non-clinical settings: across hospitals, homecare environments and on the move when using mobile healthcare technology. We aim to create a graduate guidebook for HCI fieldwork in healthcare for current and future generations of researchers.