Integration of Human Factors in Surgery: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Design, Development, and Evaluation of Surgical Technologies

R Bednarik, Ann Blandford, F Feng, A Huotarinen, M Iso-Mustajärvi, A Lee, F Nicolosi, Jeremy Opie, Soojeong Yoo, B Zheng
in CHI '22: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text)


Research in surgical intervention and technology development is increasingly interdisciplinary. Despite the great potential of working in this way, recent research suggests that interdisciplinary collaborations and competing stakeholder interests can be challenging to initiate and manage, with the result that knowledge and expertise from different fields are not always well integrated. The aim of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders from HCI, surgical science, and surgical practice and technology to investigate the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration, specifically identifying actionable strategies to coordinate and improve efforts towards designing, developing, evaluating, and iterating on the next generation of surgical solutions. The workshop will address current limitations in interdisciplinary collaboration, and identify opportunities for surgical technology stakeholders to make contributions across the entire development life cycle. In the longer term, the workshop will contribute towards the development of a pragmatic collaboration framework encompassing diverse research paradigms, compatible with surgical practice, and supportive of longitudinal evaluation.