Mapping FoodHCI Futures

J Deng, Bertran F Altarriba, L Yao, Marianna Obrist, K Narumi, H Yang, M Miyatake, F Mueller
in CHI EA '22: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text)


Recognizing the significant potential impact that HCI has on food practices and experiences, researchers and practitioners are undertaking a growing number of explorations of novel computing technology and food combinations. These explorations have so far primarily emphasized technology-driven systems and taken a human-centric perspective. We propose a Special Interest Group (SIG) in "foodHCI futures"that creates a space for researchers to discuss the boundaries of food incorporating HCI, and with the simultaneous aims of reconciling food with technology and extending our visions for human-food interactions towards anthropocentrism. Specifically, the SIG will be a beginning of developing a structured conceptual map of the possibilities for future technology interventions in food systems. In developing this map, we hope to encourage democratized debate, provoke new and divergent thoughts on the opportunities for foodHCI, and ultimately gain unique insights that contribute to preferable food futures.