So you're planning a baby?: a review of preconception care apps

in MobileHCI '18, Conference paper (text), Barcelona


Previous research shows couples favour online information sources when seeking support for preconception health and pregnancy planning, with mobile applications (apps) becoming increasingly popular. This study aimed to establish what smartphone apps currently exist to support couples when preparing for pregnancy. A functionality review was conducted to explore app content and an analysis of user reviews was undertaken to investigate user views towards existing apps. 25 apps were analysed, which provided information on diet, weight, alcohol, smoking and caffeine amongst others. Positive reviews mainly referred to the helpfulness of the app. Negative comments focused on the over simplification of information. Overall, user comments showed a positive response towards existing preconception care apps, but users reported concerns towards information accuracy and reliability. Further work will be undertaken to evaluate whether existing apps engage users to improve their preconception health care and whether these apps fulfils user requirements.