Understanding the Shared Experiences of Runners and Spectators in Long-Distance Running Events

in CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (CHI 2019), Conference paper (text), Glasgow, UK


Increasingly popular, long-distance running events (LDRE) attract not just runners but an exponentially increasing number of spectators. Due to the long duration and broad geographic spread of such events, interactions between them are limited to brief moments when runners (R) pass by their
supporting spectators (S). Current technology is limited in its potential for supporting interactions and mainly measures and displays basic running information to spectators who passively consume it. In this paper, we conducted qualitative studies for an in-depth understanding of the R&S' shared experience during LDRE and how technology can enrich this experience. We propose a two-layer DyPECS framework, highlighting the rich dynamics of the R&S multi-faceted running journey and of their micro-encounters. DyPECS is enriched by the findings from our in depth qualitative
studies. We finally present design implications for the multifacet co-experience of R&S during LDRE.