Wine and interaction design

J Paay, T Robertson, M Brereton, Yvonne Rogers
in Proceedings of the 28th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference, OzCHI 2016, Conference paper (text)


Copyright © 2016 ACM.Wine and Interaction Design presents an interesting opportunity to the HCI community, as technology plays an increasing role in the many facets of wine production and consumption. People interact with technology in all phases of the wine lifecycle, including the grape growing process, harvesting the grapes, supporting the winemaking process, labelling the wine, wine selling, and wine serving. Inspired by the CHI 2012 workshop on Food and Interaction Design (Comber et al., 2012), this workshop will bring together HCI researchers and practitioners with an interest in the the role that interaction design and technology can play in wine production and consumption. The session will include discussions on issues and topics of interest raised in position papers contributed by participants. During a practical field visit the workshop will engage with local Tasmanian wine producers to understand and explore current wine-based practices using technology. The outcome of the workshop will be the identification of new opportunities for HCI researchers and practitioners to forge a synergy between technology and wine.