Particle Based Displays

Particle Based Displays (PBDs) are a novel kind of mixed-reality technology developed by us, which uses ultrasound transducer arrays and quick scanning particles to create volumetric content that the users can see, hear and feel with their bare eyes, ears and hands. In a recent paper we developed the computational algorithms and illustrate how the shift in paradigm enabled by our approach (ie real-time control of several high-speed points) opens new applications for PAT technologies, such as in volumetric fully colored displays, multi-point spatio-temporal tactile feedback, parametric audio and simultaneous combinations of these modalities.

Example Papers

  1. Hirayama, R., Martinez Plasencia, D., Masuda, N. et al. A volumetric display for visual, tactile and audio presentation using acoustic trapping. Nature 575, 320-323 (2019).
  2. Diego Martinez Plasencia, Ryuji Hirayama, Roberto Montano-Murillo, and Sriram Subramanian. 2020. GS-PAT: high-speed multi-point sound-fields for phased arrays of transducers. ACM Trans. Graph. 39, 4, Article 138 (July 2020), 12 pages.