EnTimeMent Research at UCL


The EnTimeMent project extends previous research where we contributed scientific knowledge and technological tools toward the development of intelligent technology that automatically recognises pain and related mental experiences that are barriers to everyday movements and provides personalised sounds/music accompaniment to those movements in such a way that addresses the detected experiences. The ultimate aim of this technology would be to support people with chronic pain in everyday physical functioning.

In the current project, we aim to develop what is understood about human movement, build more advanced systems for automatic recognition of painful movement, and explore how sound/music systems that tailor output to both movement and pain-related experiences could be of value to people with chronic pain. This is part of the EU-funded EnTimeMent project aimed at developing new technologies that define movement at different timescales.

How to participate

  • Anonymous, online survey on everyday movements that a person with chronic pain may find challenging - now concluded
  • Moves@Home remote physical activity sessions - now concluded
  • AffectMove Workshop and Challenge @ ACII 2021 - now concluded


  • Prof Nadia Berthouze - Professor (Affective Computing and Interaction), University College London
  • Prof Amanda Williams - Professor (Clinical Health Psychology), University College London & Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Pain Management Centre, UCLH University College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Prof Nicolas Gold - Associate Professor (focusing on music computing in this project), University College London
  • Dr Temitayo Olugbade - Research Associate, University College London
  • Dr Santiago Garcia De Ossorno - Research Associate, University College London (until 2020)
  • Mr Raffaele Buono - Research Associate, University College London
  • Mr Chongyang Wang - PhD student, University College London
  • Mr Tao Bi - PhD student, University College London

GDI Hub Team