Artificial Intelligence and HCI

Artificial Intelligence and HCI



Future Everyday Interaction with the Autonomous Internet of Things

A-IoT is an EPSRC funded 3-year project investigating interaction mechanisms for an autonomous Internet of Things (IoT). An Autonomous IoT actively manages data and decisions on behalf of users, drawing upon machine learning techniques and optimization algorithms. However, it is critical to still allow users to make informed choices about their general needs and comfort. Nascent instantiations of the A-IoT range from smart thermostats that learn to autonomously control central heating systems based on the presence of users and their routine, to washing machines that order detergent for delivery when ... Read more…


Transforming online learning into a whole new experience

Imagine you want to learn more about AI. Where would you start? Most people would begin by typing into Google search "learning about AI". But this will bring up nearly 4 million results! Which do you look at and how do you know it is a good way to start? What materials are the most up-to-date? Should you watch a YouTube video, a TED talk, or follow a free online course? The choice can be overwhelming and this can result in giving up: many people don't get very far ... Read more…