TIDAL stands for Transformative Innovation in the Delivery of Assisted Living products and services. TIDAL N+ is a collaboration between UCL, Strathclyde, Salford and Loughborough Universities, led by Prof Cathy Holloway from UCL. The research team includes Prof Prof Laurence Kenney (Salford University), Richard Bibb (Loughborough University), Prof Mikko Koria (Loughborough University) and Dr Arjan Buis (Strathclyde University). We are funded from 1 September 2021 to 31st August 2024 by the EPSRC as a Healthcare Technologies New Challenges Network Plus (EP/W000717/1). Our purpose is to improve the quality of Assistive Technologies (AT) and hence the lives of the people who use them. To achieve this we're building a transdisciplinary network - including designers, ergonomists, engineers, physical scientists and AI specialists, alongside entrepreneurs, innovation experts and manufacturers, as well as AT users, clinical and social care practitioners and commissioners. Through this network we will stimulate research that will lead to novel design, engineering and technological advances that will enable innovative AT solutions that empower disabled people, older people and carers.  

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