Data Engagement Through Physical Ambient Visualizations in the Home.

Cartoon illustrating how environmental sensor data can be manipulated through a web interface to show changes in air quality, temperature, light and noise levels

Physikit is an exciting new platform that makes data tangible in your home. A Physikit set contains four interactive physical components - the light, vibe, move, and air cubes - and a clear drag-and-drop web interface that allows these components to be linked to datasets such as sensor readings.

The physical cubes show values and changes in this data in four different visual and clear, yet ambient and unobtrusive, ways. By combining the Physikit with a sensor platform such as SmartCitizen, it can show how sensor readings, for example around air quality, temperature, and noise levels, change over time. Also, alerts can be set for when a sensor reading crosses a chosen threshold.

Physikit is flexible to be appropriated in different ways to fit the needs and desires of different households. Due to its wired or battery-powered options it can be placed anywhere in your home. Further, cubes can be connected to each other or to your furniture, and can be customised with other materials if desired.

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