Designing Future Interfaces

We are interested in designing, implementing and evaluating the next generation of computer interfaces. Within this research theme we are inventing novel physical and tangible interfaces, wearables, large scale installations, cross-device interactions and mobile technologies. We are interested in pushing the boundary, often by questioning and re-envisioning current forms of interaction with technology.



Data Engagement Through Physical Ambient Visualizations in the Home

Data Engagement Through Physical Ambient Visualizations in the Home. Physikit is an exciting new platform that makes data tangible in your home. A Physikit set contains four interactive physical components - the light, vibe, move, and air cubes - and a clear drag-and-drop web interface that allows these components to be linked to datasets such as sensor readings. The physical cubes show values and changes in this data in four different visual and clear, yet ambient and unobtrusive, ways. By combining the Physikit with a sensor platform such as SmartCitizen, ... Read more…


Physical Questionnaires for Children

SmallTalk is a physical questionnaire system consisting of several boxes specifically designed to gather feedback and opinions from young children, tailored to an immersive theatre performance called Dusk. Read more…


Creativity and Coding

CodeMe is a novel starter Internet of Things toolkit with a difference: it fuses creativity, coding and sensor-based interactions through a range of making and programming activities. It is inended to be used in classrooms and after school settings for a wide range of age groups to learn about systems thinking, IOT concepts, sensor technology and physical computing programming through enjoyable collaborative learning activities. Read more…


Cross-Device Interaction Techniques

Huddlelamp is a desk lamp with an integrated low-cost depth camera that enables users to compose interactive tables (or other multi-device user interfaces) from their tablets and smart phones by placing them in the tracked space. Read more…


Physical questionnaires

VoxBox is a physical questionnaire system that invites people at events to share through playful interactions, their views and opinions using a range of physical input controls, such as sliders, dials, buttons, and spinners. Read more…


Prototyping Cross-Device Smartwatch Interactions

Smartwatches give people lightweight and immediate access to messages, notifications, and other digital data while on the go. While already powerful as standalone devices, the capabilities of smartwatches increase significantly when used in tandem with other devices that people carry, such as their phones or tablets, which allows for novel cross-device interaction techniques. However, so far there are only a relatively small number of explorations into watch-centric, cross-device interaction techniques. Building and exploring cross-device interaction techniques and applications is a difficult task, as most existing development kits have only limited ... Read more…