Demo app

The app is available for Android only. Two versions are currently available: one to help people form medication-taking habits and another version that applies the same principles to exercise habits.

To help with habit formation, both apps help users associate their task (medications, exercises) with a routine event they do every day, and later remind about that routine. Routine reminders arrive a bit too early to teach users to associate the task with its routine without working like a standard reminder. For example, if you want to take vitamins after breakfast, the app will remind you about breakfast ("Breakfast soon! Don't forget to take your meds after") and it's up to you to take the vitamin after you finish eating.

The ultimate goal is to help people start a new habit without making them dependent on the app.

app screenshots


The app is not available in Google Play yet, so if you would like to try it out, you will have to enable the installation of 3rd party apps on your phone.

Quick start guide

  1. When you start the app for the first time, you need to add a routine thing you do every day - it will be your routine.
  2. When you're adding a new routine, the app asks for the start and end time. Don't give exact times, it's more for scoping when you're likely to do it (you can adjust it later).
  3. Based on the start time, the app will remind you about your routine. You can dismiss the notification, it doesn't do anything else.
  4. Based on the end time of the routine, the app will send a second notification to check if you've done it. You have to say Yes or No. The app uses your answers to establish when you don't need reminders anymore so they can start phasing out.


If you used the app, please let us know what you think and how it could be improved.