Urban IoT

Image showing people interacting and working in the UCLIC Basement lab

The ICRI (Intel Collaborative Research Insitute) is a joint project between UCL, Imperial, Future Cities Catapult and Intel working closely with QEOP London Legacy Development Corporation to address a number of user, technical and community challenges through the deployment of novel connected sensors and devices across installations in London. The centre has been renamed as 'Urban IoT' (formerly Sustainable and Connected Cities) to reflect the current direction and goals of the centre. The first three years (2012-2015) were an exploratory phase of research, culminating in a number of advances in the areas of urban sensing, community technologies, and urban visualisations (see http://www.cities.io/). The next two years (2016-2017) will see 8 post docs from UCL and Imperial work together on an integrated large scale project. The plan is to continue to build on ICRI's successful Living Lab and base our research in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP).

A focus from UCL's perspective is designing and evaluating IoT technology for participation and reflection with citizens. We are using a combination of data sensing, novel physical computing and in-situ visualisations so as to provide different stakeholders with ways of collecting, and reflecting about citizens' experiences in the urban environment. A number of prototypes are being developed that will be deployed in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, intended to be used by a diversity of users (e.g., local residents, visitors) to share their experiences. The new projects build upon our pioneering work in prototyping physical computing systems and in-situ visualisations for citizen sensing (e.g., http://voxboxproject.com/: VoxBox, SmallTalk and Sens-Us). The wider goal is to develop IoT technology that can be used by city councils and local municipalities worldwide who need to understand more how their citizens respond to big changes caused by urbanization, immigration, gentrification, and the like.


The ICRI website: http://www.cities.io/
Voxbox website: http://2012.cities.io/project/vox-box/
Physikit website: http://www.stevenhouben.be/portfolio/physikit/
Huddlelamp: http://huddlelamp.org/