Sensors and multisensory design for CE

Understanding consumers and how they experience reused materials will be increasingly important to material circularity and resource flow. As part of the UKRI Interdisciplinary Textiles Circularity Centre we explore the use of multiple sensors and emerging multisensory technologies to engage consumers in digitally immersive experiences and services that amplify couplings between the resource flow, human well-being and satisfaction.

Multimodal sensors and textile experiences

Designing multisensor and multisensory technology will enable us to engage consumers and stakeholders in building a circular economy in the context of textile industry.

Novel digital multisensory consumer experiences

New technology-supported approaches enable us to reveal rich, multimodal experiences of circular textiles, relating to wellbeing measures. To convey material and circularity characteristics to consumers, we will create innovative, digital multisensory experiences using mixed reality technology, exploiting rich sensory experiences in interactive storytelling and generating novel interaction techniques.