Current Research Students

Welcome to UCLIC!
We hope that you will enjoy your time here as a PhD student in UCLIC. There are a number of events going on during Induction week to help you settle in and find your way around UCL - this takes place the week before teaching starts in the Autumn term and is usually around the end of September.

image of students sitting on UCL portico steps during Induction week

Please try and attend as many events as you can, but the most important events are on the first day, in particular the Introduction to the UCLIC PhD programme. The Introduction to the Doctoral Skills Development programme and Research Log is repeated, so there are 3 opportunities to attend this event.

It's also a good idea to check out the UCLIC PhD Handbook before you arrive. There are a number of other documents that will help you find your feet and explore other training on offer that will complement your PhD. For example, it is possible to take additional optional short (up to 10 weeks) courses in research methodology (Statistics, Qualitative Data Analysis, Programming etc), teaching methods and MSc modules in specific research areas that are relevant to your PhD study. It is strongly recommended to take 2 or more of these, but they are not obligatory. Additional documents and optional courses are set out below:

It is also very helpful if you can please complete the forms below (if possible) for handing to Louise Gaynor during Induction week: